A modern-day gold rush

A modern-day “gold rush” is silently underway and like the historic gold rush of the 1800’s, this modern-day rush will produce billions of dollars in recovered metals and change the lives of untold numbers worldwide. Midway is excited to be part of this new gold rush and about your interest in our company.

Spring Valley Gold in SV78 Sluice 3Midway is made up of a powerful team of professionals who collectively represent nearly 200 years of exploration experience and have been directly involved in the discovery and/or development of an impressive 40 million ounces of gold throughout their notable careers.

Gold from 5 foot interval drill holeIt is no accident that all three of Midway’s Nevada projects have resulted in significant gold discoveries now reaching over 1.2 million ounces. It is the team that makes Midway Gold consistently successful and one of Nevada’s strongest junior sector leaders.

On behalf of the entire Midway team…welcome. We invite you to explore the exciting information here at our website and look forward to speaking with you personally in the future.